The Ukrainian Institute publishes Kyiv Avant-Garde, a chamber music anthology
The Kyiv Avant-Garde anthology will present the creative work of music by composers of the sixties
The Kyiv Avant-Garde anthology is a printed compilation of scores and instrumental parts, which will present the creative work of music by composers of the sixties to the Ukrainian and foreign professional audience. The anthology will be published in 2020 with a run of 300 copies in three languages at once: Ukrainian, English, and German.

The compilation will include works by four Ukrainian composers of the 1960s: Leonid Hrabovsky, Vitalii Hodziatsky, Volodymyr Huba and Volodymyr Zahortsev. In the 1960s, these artists were among the first in Ukraine to go beyond the Soviet ideologically "correct" musical style and turn to advanced avant-garde composing techniques and concepts that were actively developed in the work of their Western European peers. Their work has significantly influenced the formation of the modern composing school in Ukraine.

"After Ukrainian music concerts, performers or listeners are sometimes asked to share scores. What is said is something like 'What else do you have?' The Kyiv Avant-Garde anthology is an attempt to introduce Ukrainian music to professionals who look for new ideas and help them interact with it."
Mykhailo Chedryk
Music Programme Manager at the Ukrainian Institute
The compilation includes two volumes of scores: works for piano and works for ensembles. In addition to scores, the anthology presents biographies of composers and prefaces that reveal the broader social and political context of the twentieth century in Ukraine. A large number of works in the anthology were typed in from first-hand sources and some will be published in print for the first time.
"Ukrainian academic music has been and remains terra incognita on the cultural map of the world. There are many reasons for this: the long absence of Ukraine's own statehood, the tragic fragmentation of the people and lands of Ukraine between the two empires; the colonial status of the professional national culture wherein all of the most valuable achievements are appropriated by the metropole; the largely unperceived and still unsurmounted contamination of Ukrainian musical art by the Russian-oriented 'folklore complex', and thus the exclusion of this art from the world cultural processes".
Yuriy Chekan
Musicologist, D.A.
The publication will be distributed among international representatives of the music sector: festivals, key locations, higher education institutions abroad. Works from the anthology will be recommended for inclusion in the programmes of concerts to which the Ukrainian Institute will be the partner.

The compilation will be published by the Muzychna Ukraina publishing house commissioned by the Ukrainian Institute.