The famous “Fall On Pluto” will be staged in Cologne for the first time, with the support of the Ukrainian Institute.

From 9 to 12 October 2019, an independent theatre project “Fall On Pluto” by screenwriter and director Sasha Brahma will take place at the urban festival URBÄNG in Germany.

Pluto is the most distant planet in the solar system which hides lots of secrets from Earth’s explorers and inhabitants.
Fall is a time associated with the dying of life.
“Fall On Pluto” is a story of the residents of Lviv Geriatric boarding house about loneliness and old age, composed in interdisciplinary performance, combining documentary genre, dance and puppet theatre.
“Fall On Pluto” is a frank talk about societal problems under the spotlights of the theatre scene. The performance will take place at the URBÄNG Festival, which focuses on the role of city dwellers in the society, tolerance, and community-building.

The three-day festival of performing arts URBÄNG takes place for the third time in one of the largest German cities – Cologne.