at war

The Culture Fights Back project to share stories of artists and civil society representatives who have joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In this section, read the stories of modern Ukrainian artists who, at the cost of their lives and health, protect us against Russia’s military aggression in the 21st century.

Oleksandr Seleznyov

Oleksandr Seleznyov is one of the best drummers and percussionists of Ukraine, who instead of drums took arms and Javelin to defend his country.

Until February 24, Olexander performed at international tours and created music together with his own band Alexander Seleznov etc, recorded his first self-titled album and collaborated with various famous artists, including MamaRika, Rowan Pattison trio, Freak Power, Didier Marouani. In 2020, he became a scholarship recipient of the GAUDE POLONIA program of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland. Oleksandr is the author of the first textbook on playing percussion instruments in Ukrainian. He is also a co-founder and teacher at the drummer studio school.

Even though Oleksandr is a professional musician, he was mobilized into the army and immediately joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The assistant grenade launcher was later transferred to the orchestra. Now he is an artist of the Honor Guard Orchestra of the Separate Presidential Brigade named after Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytskyi and raises the spirit of our defenders with his music.

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