The exhibition You Know That You Are Human became a part of Kultursymposium Weimar 2023 Festival

On May 9, the exhibition “You Know That You Are Human” became part of the Kultursymposium Weimar festival. The exhibition lasts until June 3.

Turning to the topic of trust formulated by Kultursymposium, the exhibition “You know that you are human” seeks to bring the individual and the human being first.

The title is borrowed from the famous poem by the Ukrainian poet Vasyl Symonenko from the 1960s: Ти знаєш, що ти – людина / You know that you are human that represents a certain anthem of life. Today – during Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine – these simple but powerful verses call for humanity, solidarity and cohesion with particular urgency. 

The exhibition premiered in Berlin’s Zionskirche at the end of 2022. The second iteration took place at THE gallery in Mürsbach, where it was complemented with the sculptures of a famous Ukrainian dissident artist Vadym Sydura.


Now the exhibition traveled to Weimar, Germany. Due to cooperation with various artists, the exhibition acquires new forms at each new place. This time, the works of 23 Ukrainian photographers are presented together with the video works of 10 Berlin artists. The exhibition was curated by Kataryna Filyuk and Rachel Ritz-Volloch

The works of the Ukrainian photographers also provide a crucial insight into the changes that had taken place in Ukrainian society since the 1960s, from the years when the dream of socialism gradually proved to be a failure until the last few months of the self-sacrificing struggle of the Ukrainians for their country.

The video works accompanying the exhibition of 60 years of photography from Ukraine address historical and current struggles prevalent throughout humanity – violence, ideology, politics, religion, and the need to find a common language of trust to communicate that we are human.

Opening: 9 May 2023, 18:00 at EIGENHEIM Weimar, Asbachstrasse 1/99423 Weimar

“You Know That You Are Human” is a winner of the international exhibition support program “Visualise” of the Ukrainian Institute. The exhibition was organised by IZOLYATSIA. Platform for Cultural Initiatives. and MOMENTUM (Berlin) with the support of Ukrainian Institute, Goethe-Institut and Goethe-Institut in Exile.

Photo: Kateryna Filyuk