Ukrainian Institute has launched a collaboration programme with international music media 

Grace Note programme is aimed at supporting and promoting Ukrainian music on the international level. 

The primary objective of the Grace Note is to elevate awareness within the professional community, captivate audiences, and engage the public with the rich tapestry of Ukrainian music through strategic placements in foreign media outlets. 

The priority is to draw attention to the Ukrainian music scene, create a platform for mutual cultural exchange, and support cultural diplomacy between Ukraine and global music media, initiating partnerships between Ukrainian and international media. 

Collaboration formats within the programme include the publication of articles in print and online media, the dissemination of playlists and music selections to international audiences, and the inclusion of Ukrainian content in the schedules of foreign radio and television broadcasts. 

Materials for distribution will be created in partnership with Ukrainian music media, musicologists, and foreign journalists. Additionally, the Insight.UA platform, an English-language guide to Ukrainian culture  launched by Ukrainian Institute, will be utilized as a source of information for international media. The Ukrainian Institute has already successfully implemented joint projects with Ukrainian music media such as Meloport and Neformat. 

Currently, the representation of Ukrainian music within the Grace Note program is being carried out in collaboration with the following media outlets: JAZZ FORUM (Poland), CITIZEN JAZZ (France), PAPAGENO (Hungary), Glissando (Poland), Idioteq (Poland), and Seismograf (Denmark). 

If you represent Ukrainian or international music media and wish to actively contribute to the promotion of Ukrainian musical content on your platforms, we welcome your proposals at [email protected].