Insight UA: the Ukrainian Institute Launches a Platform for You to Explore Ukrainian Culture

On the Independence Day of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Institute launches Insight UA website – a guide to Ukrainian culture, personalities, and awe-inspiring events in English. No matter who you are or where you’re from, this platform is open to all. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a curious seeker, Insight UA is a cultural exploration for everyone.

The platform covers various cultural topics: music, literature, theatre, film, visual arts, Crimea, and analytical reports. Everyone can choose a format to explore – through a selection of Ukrainian cinema, exhibitions, and books, listening to playlists, signing up for one of the online courses, or simply navigating through different articles and discovering something new with every visit. 

“Insight UA was created in response to the great interest towards Ukrainian culture around the world. The ever-growing demand for understanding Ukraine requires new and effective tools. Insight UA allows both professionals and the curious audience to learn about artists, institutions, and projects related to Ukrainian culture in a way that is easy and enjoyable,” says Tetyana Filevska, Creative Director at the Ukrainian Institute.

For music lovers, there are materials about jazz, classical music, electronic music, rap and other genres. One can uncover top festivals and concert venues. For film lovers, there are movie lists, article on where to study the art of cinema in Ukraine and where to watch Ukrainian films, for example, using the database of Ukrainian films ukrainefilms. Visitors can discover the Kharkiv School of Photography, watch video explainers of famous personalities, cultural and historical events, or immerse themselves in the VR project ‘We are Crimea’. 

Insight UA also features standalone articles about Ukrainian artists, curators, art spaces, cultural institutions and initiatives, so it will be helpful if you are seeking cooperation and willing to learn more about Ukraine’s cultural actors. There is a wide choice: one can find books about Ukrainian art, learn about women who created art in the 60s and plunge into Crimea’s cultural traits and music. 

The section ‘Russian war against Ukraine’ features projects on the consequences of Russian aggression. The visitors will learn about the Ukrainian cultural and historical heritage destroyed by Russia, such as Freedom Square in Kharkiv, the Lysychansk gymnasium, and the unique Cathedral of St. Petro Mohyla in Mariupol. In addition, there are stories about Ukrainian artists who are defending the country at the frontline, such as theatre director Dmytro Kostiumynskyi, film director Olena Maksyom, poet Yaryna Chornohuz, and cultural manager Yurii Vovkohon. 

The Insight UA website is curated and regularly updated by the Ukrainian Institute team. We kindly invite you to share the platform with your friends and partners to join the promotion of Ukrainian culture.