The Ukrainian Institute's award at the Ukrainian Doc Preview 2020

The Ukrainian Institute will support a feature full-length documentary at the production/postproduction stage with an award of UAH 150 000 for international promotion and distribution, which is a part of the Ukrainian Doc Preview 2020 programme.

The Ukrainian Doc Preview 2020 is a joint programme of the Ukrainian Institute and Docudays UA – the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, aimed to promote the Ukrainian film industry at Docudays Festival.
“This year the Ukrainian Institute launches a series of showcases at a number of professional film festivals. A showcase is an effective format to introduce the best of the Ukrainian film industry to influential international experts. A showcase format not only attracts international expertise for analysis but also helps to add visibility at the upcoming film festivals.

Certainly, it is much more efficient to work with films at the production stage – something that the Ukrainian Doc Preview does. The more quality movies we get in the end, the easier it will be for us to talk about a versatile Ukraine with a foreign viewer”, says Olga Birzul, head of film programmes at the Ukrainian Institute.

Also, a special jury will choose up to two projects to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival this May.

This is the first time when Ukraine presents a feature full-length documentary within the Cannes Docs. With the assistance of the Ukrainian Institute and Docudays UA, the chosen projects will be able to enlist the support of sales agents, as well as make the list of international films festivals’ programmes.

The deadline for applications is February 3, 2020.