The Ukrainian Institute has become an official member of the international organization European Music Council

The Ukrainian Institute has joined the members of the international organization European Music Council, which is dedicated to the development and promotion of all genres and directions of music in Europe. This also implies automatic membership for the Ukrainian Institute in the International Music Council (IMC) – an independent non-governmental international organization that serves as a consultative body to UNESCO on musical matters. 

Members of the organization have a unique opportunity to exchange thoughts on common issues and solutions, as well as collaborate on creating better conditions for the music sector. This includes participation in music conferences, seminars, and other events, as well as involvement in the exchange program among EMC members. 

The European Music Council (EMC) is a non-profit organization founded in 1972 as the European regional group of the International Music Council (IMC). Currently, EMC is a large European music network with over 74 members from 28 countries. 

EMC contributes to better understanding among people and their diverse cultures, supporting the right to coexist with their musical cultures. Among the organization’s main goals are the activation and unification of the music sector, strengthening the music industry, and promoting cooperation among representatives of the music industry.