Three Ukrainian plays were chosen for translation into Polish. Transmission.UA: drama on the move  

The third drama competition by the Ukrainian Institute as part of the programme Transmission.UA: drama on the move took place in a hybrid format.

This year’s selection of texts was held in partnership with the playwriting platform UKRDRAMAHUB, as well as a competition initiated by the platform “The July Honey”.   

This year, based on the selection of the expert group of The July Honey competition and shortlisted “plays for an adult audience”, the Ukrainian Institute formed a shortlist of dramatic texts that will be translated into Polish and included in the promotion programme. Three texts for translation were selected according to the highest scores.   

The list of winners includes dramas: “Save the Light” by Polina Polozhentseva, “Night Covers the Morning” by Oksana Savchenko and “The Insect” by Lena Kudayeva.  

Transmission.UA: drama on the move is a programme to support the translation and staging of contemporary Ukrainian drama in European countries. It will be implemented in three countries – Poland, Germany and Great Britain during 2020-2022. The programme was initiated as a reaction to the weak representation of modern Ukrainian drama texts on the stages of European theatres, the lack of translations of the latest drama texts, the negative stereotyping of Ukraine, the isolation of Ukrainian theatre and dramas in the European environment and the absence of Ukrainian discourse in the European theatrical context.  

Translations were funded by the Stabilisation Fund – An initiative to support cultural and educational organisations affected by the impact of the war against Ukraine. 

UKRDRAMAHUB – a platform of modern Ukrainian drama, where plays by contemporary Ukrainian authors in the Ukrainian language are collected. It is a promotional platform for modern Ukrainian drama. UKRDRAMAHUB supports communication between artists of the theatre sector and facilitates the development of contemporary Ukrainian theatre.