Ukrainian Film Festival Berlin

Panel discussions

At the Ukrainian Film Festival Berlin, Ukrainian Institute in cooperation with Goethe-Institut, Goethe-Institut in Exile and the festival itself presented two panel discussions.

The purpose of the project

 – familiarize the audience with a multitude of genres and artistic approaches of Ukrainian filmmakers, to talk about the role and perception of Ukrainian cinema in the German and global context. 

Про Ukrainian Film Festival Berlin

Ukrainian Film Festival Berlin aims to promote Ukrainian cinema worldwide and is organized by an independent initiative Plivka films.

Festival took place on October 26 – 30, 2022.

Discussions and speakers

Decolonial Perspective on Ukrainian Cinema

Bringing together an interdisciplinary group of filmmakers, academics and film critics from both Ukraine and Germany, the panel explored various de-colonisation practices in Ukrainian cinema and situate Ukrainian filmmaking in relation to critically important postcolonial theoretical debates. Applying a postcolonial theory, the panel showcased strategies for portraying Ukrainians and Ukraine in contemporary films and those from the Soviet period.


Ihor Ivanko, director
Yarema Malashchuk, visual artist, director
Irine Beridze, literary and film scholar, FU

Moderation: Anastasiia Puhach (Ukrainian Film Festival Berlin)

Challenges of Ukrainian Filmmakers

Cinema is an exceptional instrument for impact and change, however, just like other industries, filmmaking is facing challenges at the present moment. What could be done to bring Ukrainian films into focus at the film festivals and coproduction markets and what are the expectations of Ukrainian filmmakers towards film markets, festivals, institutions, and funds? Ukrainian producers and directors examined the pitfalls of making films today, but also showcased the creativity, explored the prospects for the future, and share stories. 


  • Maxim Nakonechnyi, director
  • Natalia Libet, producer
  • Oleksiy Radynski, director

Moderation: Anna Ramskogler-Witt, Human Rights Film Festival Berlin