Ukrainian focus at the Trieste Film Festival (Italy)

About the project

The Trieste Film Festival is a leading Italian film festival dedicated to Central and Eastern European cinema. In 2023, the festival’s traditional focus programme Wild Roses is dedicated to Ukrainian female directors  – courageous and strong voices of an unyielding and resilient cinema.

Produced in Ukraine and coproduced with Ukraine films will also be presented in other programmes of the festival. 

The 34th edition of the Trieste Film Festival is unspooling from 21-28 January.

Focus programme Wild Roses

The programme presents 7 FEATURE FILMS:

  • Outside by Ol’ha Zhurba 
  • Klondike by Maryna Er Horbac 
  • This Rain Will Never Stop by Alina Horlova (proMOTION 2020 winner) 
  • When the Trees Fall by Marysja Nikitjuk 
  • Stop Zemlia by Kateryna Hornostai (proMOTION 2020 winner) 
  • Home Games by Alisa Kovalenko 
  • Pryvoz by Eva Nejman 


  • Blood by Valeria Sochyvets,  
  • I did not want to make a war film by Nadia Parfan  
  • The Seventh Shift by Nataliya Ilchuk 

Co-production forum

Within the co-production forum WHEN EAST MEETS WEST 

  • Honeymoon by Zhanna Ozirnaya 
  • It’s Not A Full Picture by Maryna Stepanska 

Feature Film Competition

Butterfly Vision by Maksym Nakonechnyi (proMOTION 2021 winner) 

Documentary Competition

  • The Hamlet Syndrome by Elwira Niewiera and Piotr Rosołowski 
  • Fragile Memory by Igor Ivanko (proMOTION 2021 winner) 

Documentary out of Competition

  • Mariupolis 2 by Mantas Kvedaravicius 
  • Liturgy of Anti-Tank Obstacles by Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk 

“We are happy that our traditional focus devoted to female directors, featuring a different European country each year, is dedicated this time to Ukrainian filmmakers, whom we have already been featuring for a long time now. Ukraine, one of the most prolific post-Soviet states in the field of cinematography despite its current circumstances, has produced artists of similar calibre to filmmaker and anthropologist Maya Deren, who became a true symbol of American experimental cinema; Kira Muratova, a leading figure in Soviet and Ukrainian cinema, whose works began to circulate in the West after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and whose last films were made in the famous Odessa Studios; as well as Larisa Shepitko, one of the greatest directors of all time.”

This edition’s poster

This edition’s poster speaks in the sameUkrainianterms, exhibiting a reworked image taken by the internationally renowned photographer Oleksandr Rupeta.