"Music in Ukraine: Harmony and Resilience"

Music in Ukraine: Harmony and Resilienceis an article series initiated by the Ukrainian Institute in collaboration with the Gliere Kyiv Municipal Music Academy.

About the article series

This endeavor aims to provide the international music community with profound insights into the vibrant Ukrainian music scene. The materials for this article series were diligently gathered among jazz departments of music academies in Kyiv and Kharkiv, music critics as well as by esteemed partners in Poland, including the European jazz magazine Jazz Forum and the foundation Jazz po polsku. For the first time since independence of Ukraine, the article series on jazz music in Ukraine has been published in English.  

The resulting content has been divided into three blocks:

  1. Ukrainian Music Industry During the War: 

Insights from classical, jazz, and mainstream music industries are examined to trace the challenges, new initiatives, and processes that have unfolded since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion. 

2. Voices of Ukrainian Musicians: Reflections on the War: 

Exceptional Ukrainian musicians, such as Dennis Adu, Natalia Lebedeva, Roksana Smirnova and Misha Kalinin, share their thoughts and experiences, shedding light on how they navigate and overcome challenges during these times of conflict. 

3. Ukrainian Jazz Scene: Retrospective: 

Delve into the roots of jazz in Ukraine, which stretch back to the beginning of the last century. Despite neglect and persecution by the Soviet regime, jazz in Ukraine found its unique path of development since the country gained independence. Explore outstanding personalities, pivotal milestones in its evolution, key events, and the transformative processes that have shaped the history of jazz in Ukraine. 


The collection of articles is scheduled for publication in one of the most significant jazz archives, Jazzinstitute Darmstadt in Germany, and will subsequently be presented at key events. We extend an invitation to international music media to feature these texts in your upcoming editions, thereby making this narrative more accessible to wider audiences around the world.