The 2020 results of the Zapravka initiative
14 art residencies from Ukraine added to the DutchCulture | TransArtists international residency database.
Zapravka, the cross-institutional initiative to support art residencies, has announced the results of its first year of activity. The initiative team has added 14 profiles from Ukraine to the DutchCulture | TransArtists international residency database based on the results of a nationwide mapping of Ukrainian art residencies.

In July 2020, the Zapravka initiative launched a mapping of Ukrainian art residencies in order to post information about them on TransArtists, the world's largest online database of residencies, as well as to form an internal database of Ukrainian residencies. As a result, the team collected more than 30 residency profiles from all over Ukraine. Based on TransArtists criteria, 14 residencies were added to the database this year:

  • The Muzychi Expanded History project (active since 2009) is one of the oldest residencies operating in Ukraine, organised by artist and gardener Alevtina Kakhidze in her own studio in the village of Muzychi near Kyiv.

  • Soshenko 33 (active since 2016) is an art residency in the alternative space of the National Academy of Fine Arts in Kyiv.

  • Sorry No Rooms Available (active since 2016) is an art residency organised by artist Petro Ryaska in the Intourist-Zakarpattya hotel in Uzhhorod.

  • Terrarium (active since 2016) is a residency for screenwriters by the Kinozona NGO, based in the village of Vyzhenka (Chernivtsi region) in the Carpathians.

  • Residents of Universe (active since 2017) is a Kharkiv-based residency of the Yermilov Centre, which involves visiting the museums, collections, and departments of the Karazin University.
  • Open Place (active since 2017) is a residency for artists, curators, and researchers working with public space.

  • Nazar Voitovich Art Residence (active since 2017) is an art residency by the Congress of Cultural Activists in the village of Travneve, Ternopil region.

  • Platform TU (active since 2017) is a series of thematic residencies in the city of Mariupol (Z.mist combines research and art, Merezhyvo explores women's invisible works, Decom aims to reflect on the processes of decommunisation and memory).

  • SKLAD (active since 2017) is a residency founded by artists Jan Potrogosh, Oleg Putrashyk and Anatoliy Kryvanych in the village of Perechyn (Zakarpattya region) and focused on sculpture and metalworks.

  • Barvinok Art Residence (active since 2019) is an art residency from the Pridneprovskiy Barvinok NGO dedicated to exploring the industrial area of the city of Dnipro.
  • Kruta Art Residency (active since 2019) is a private art residency of the artist Vitaliy Shuplyak in Berezhany (Ternopil region).

  • 127 Garage (active since 2019) is a residency in Kharkiv led by the artist Anton Tkachenko and curator Anastasia Khlestova and located in a garage equipped as a multifunctional space for exhibitions and events.

  • Ladomyria (active since 2019) is an ethnic-themed residency by the Volyn Research and Revival Center, located in the town of Radyvyliv in the Rivne region.

  • European Glass Education International Residence (active since 2020) is an international residency at the Department of Glass Art of the Lviv National Academy of Arts.

Art Residencies in Ukraine: Glance of a Landscape
For the TransArtists website, the working group of the Zapravka initiative wrote an article about art residencies in Ukraine: their brief history, current status, and practical advice for foreign residents who plan to visit Ukraine.
In 2021, the team plans to continue updating the database of Ukrainian residencies on TransArtists and collecting profiles of residency programmes in Ukraine. In addition, the working group of the initiative is conducting a survey among art experts (artists, curators, researchers, critics) about their experience with art residencies to improve the programmes of the member institutions of Zapravka.

The working group also provides free consultations to Ukrainian professionals on how to start, run and develop a residency. To arrange a consultation, please email the initiative ([email protected]) or send a message via the Zapravka Facebook page.
Zapravka is an initiative of the Ukrainian Institute, the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the House of Europe programme of the European Union, which was created to strengthen the capacity of Ukrainian art residencies for international cooperation. The initiative aims to increase the international visibility of Ukrainian art residencies, raise the professional standards of residency programmes in Ukraine and attract international experience through participation of foreign artists, curators, and art managers in Ukrainian residencies.
Zapravka initiative team:

Yulia Alenina – Programme Manager, Ukrainian Cultural Foundation
Kateryna Alymova – Programme Manager, House of Europe
Oleksandr Vynogradov – Head of Visual Art Ukrainian Institute & EXTER international art residencies programme
Lina Romanukha – Residency Officer, House of Europe
Olga Tykhonova – independent expert