The 3rd call for the EXTER international art residency

EXTER is a long term programme of international art residences, developed
by the Ukrainian Institute. It facilitates exchanges and professional partnerships, as well as enhances the presence of Ukraine in the international art community.

In 2020, Ukrainian Institute continues cooperation with a series of partner residences, as well as launches new opportunities for artists, curators, critics and art researchers from the Ukrainian and European leading art institutions.

This year we will conduct another EXTER call for applications. Ukrainian participants will take part in 13 short-term partner residences in France, Germany, Poland, Austria, the United States, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Italy and the Czech Republic. The duration of the programmes is from 10 to 60 days. As in the previous year, EXTER residents will be provided with all opportunities for work, as well as institutional support in liaising with the local art community. An individual programme will be designed with each of the residents.

Over the past year, we have realised what we love about the EXTER programme and what could be improved. The programme stays quite flexible and we will strive to create conditions that meet the professional needs of our residents, as well as facilitate an exchange of ideas and practices with foreign colleagues. Additionally, we have increased the duration of programs, optimized the bureaucratic component, and allocated more time to communicate with residents. Just like the Ukrainian Institute, the programme is evolving and increasing its capacities. There is already a large group of people who create the EXTER programme's brand within the Ukrainian art community,

In 2019, 21 participants became EXTER programme’s residents in 10 countries, including the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, USA, France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Austria and Italy.

You can apply for the programme by 5 April 2020 and find the list of residences and all the details by the link.

The programme is named after the Ukrainian artist Oleksandra Exter (1882–1949), a significant representative of the world’s avant-garde, who lived most of her life in Kyiv.