#UkraineEverywhere: The Ukrainian Institute announces the winners of the competition
The Ukrainian Institute has selected four projects to present Ukrainian visual art online. Each winner will receive up to 900,000 UAH to implement their idea.
The competition was held within the Ukraine Everywhere - an interdisciplinary program of the Ukrainian Institute aimed to tell about Ukraine's contribution to the world culture through online projects. Ukraine is in the histories and cultures of different countries and communities, although these cultural phenomena and figures are not always known abroad as Ukrainian. The Ukraine Everywhere program was created to cover these phenomena and tell the world more about Ukraine.

The head of the "Visual Arts" department of the Ukrainian Institute Oleksandr Vynogradov comments on the criteria of winners selection:

"Among a number of wonderful projects, we have chosen four that fit best the Ukraine Everywhere program's idea . The winning projects not only present Ukrainian culture to foreign audiences but also invite to an dialogue. Recognition of women's contribution to the history of art, as well as the recognition of the role of dissidents and nonconformists in social progress, are processes that continue today in many countries around the world and leave no one cold. Selected projects address their topics in a fairly relaxed way - through game , animation, or storytelling. In the apocalyptic information field of 2020, such projects seem to be the best solution."

According to the decision of the tender committee, the following projects became winners:

Kharkiv School of Photography: From Soviet Censorship to New Aesthetics
An online platform that will introduce the Kharkiv School of Photography - a phenomenon of Ukrainian art from the 1970s to the present. The project will offer a foreign reader a new view on Ukraine and its artistic context, reveal the history of the struggle against the Soviet "aesthetic monopoly", and show the role of art for society to go beyond the totalitarian way of thinking. The resource will be interesting both for the professional audience and a wide range of people keen on the topics of totalitarian heritage, the search for new visual forms of expression, rethinking the perception of beauty, etc. The portal consists of a photo gallery and curatorial texts.

Project organisers: Bagels & Letters PR Agency, VASA Project.
Photo: Boris Mikhailov, Red series

60. Lost Treasures
Through animation and an interactive game, the project will tell about five Ukrainian female artists of the sixties - Alla Gorska, Lyubov Panchenko, Lyudmyla Semykina, Halyna Sevruk and Halyna Zubchenko, who played a significant role in the development of not only Ukrainian but also world culture. The Sixtiers are often portrayed as heroes-martyrs. Instead "60. Lost Treasures" seeks to show them from the other side - not only heroes but also hooligans in art, who did not conform to boring stereotypical Soviet images of art. They were young, educated, stylish, and creative people with their own worldview and taste. They contributed to Ukraine's independence as they continued to create, despite constant fears of punishment and struggle with the system. In order to convey true facts not only of the artists' lives but also of the history of Ukraine, the work on the project will be carried out in close cooperation with scientists.

Project organiser: Public Union "Ukrainian Animation Association" Author of the image: Lisa Senkova
The Fantastic Adventure through Art History of Ukraine
An online exhibition in the format of a game, in which each user will choose their own way of interacting with algorithm and form their own vision of the development of Ukrainian art. The spectator plays the role of an artist who transforms social phenomena and political events into works of art. The exhibition will present Ukrainian artists whose works construct alternative, fantastic, speculative realities: of past, present, or future. The works of art presented at the exhibition were created since the 1920s to the present days.

Project organiser: Curatorial association OK
Projects Curators: Ksenia Malykh, Valeria Schiller
Software development: Photinus Studio
Illustrator: Daniil Revkovsky
Communications: BILESUHE
Digital Promotion Department Image author: Daniil Revkovsky.

UA View
An interactive map of Ukrainian culture that is not limited to the country's borders. The project will reveal the artistic trace left by Ukrainian artists on the world map. Through archival photos, videos, images of art works itwill tell stories related to the specific locations. The user will start his or her journey from the real-time position and follow Ukrainian artists' pathes around the world. UA View will help you to find out which places in Paris visited Olexandr Arkhypenko, what subjects he taught at his own School of Arts in Berlin, and what kind of heritage he left in Chicago. Justclick on the button to learn what the works of art of famous Ukrainians tell about these places.

Project organiser: NGO "Museum of Contemporary Art"
Project team: Lydia Apollonova, Olga Balashova, Valentina Klimenko, Ilya Zabolotny

Image: Maria Bashkirtseva. In the studio (Julian Academy). 1881. Canvas, oil. Dnipropetrovsk Art Museum (Probably a workshop at 51 Vivien Street, Paris)