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Ukrainian Drama Translations

Digital library of the Ukrainian drama translations

About the project

Ukrainian Institute launches Ukrainian Drama Translations to promote the national dramaturgy worldwide. The site will help world directors and producers to find playscripts of Ukrainian contemporary drama as well as useful contacts to save their energy and time to put in on stage.

Convenient search engine allows you to find playscripts of the Ukrainian authors, translated into seven languages. You can generate the search by genre, period of creation, subject, text size, or number of characters. Each text in the library has an ID card, a synopsis and information about the author and the translator in English.

You may read big fragments while the full content for acquaintance, commercial or non-commercial use can be obtained directly from the copyright holder, whose contacts are on the first pages of plays.

Open structure promotes continuous renewal of the Library’s funds. Prior to publishing on the site, the quality of translations will be verified by the Expert Council. Ukrainian playwrights are welcome to submit the translations of their plays to [email protected].


The library was founded by the Ukrainian Institute in partnership with the Worldwide Readings Project and the Birkbeck Center for Contemporary Theater, its foundation was formed from the funds of the global initiative Worldwide Readings Project and the program of the Ukrainian Institute drama on the move.

The site was created with the financial support of the International Relief Fund of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany and the Goethe-Institut in Ukraine within the project “Theatrical windows. Work in progress”, implemented by NGO “Theatre na Zhukah”, Ukrdramahub platform is a coordinating partner.


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