Award Women in Arts
Women in Arts is an independent award, established in 2019 by UN Women and the Ukrainian Institute as a part of the HeForShe solidarity movement for gender equality.
In 2019, the Ukrainian Institute and UN Women Ukraine established the Women In Arts Award to support and promote the professional advancement of Ukrainian women in the field of art at national and international levels, as well as to address gender stereotypes and eliminate inequalities. An awarding ceremony is held annually in March within the global HeForShe Arts Week.

Female artists are awarded in the following categories:

Women in Visual Arts: authors working in sculpture, painting, new media, illustration;
Women in Music: composers, singers, performers, conductors;
Women in Theatre: directors, actresses, screenwriters, set designers;
Women in Film: directors, actresses, screenwriters, camerawomen;
Women in Literature: writers, poets, and translators;
Women in Cultural Management: curators, film producers, organizers of music and film festivals, cultural forums;
Women in Cultural Journalism, Criticism, and Research: women researchers, art critics, publicists, literary critics, film and theatre experts, art historians, editors (added in 2020);
Special Mention: women whose activities cannot be assigned to any of the categories of the award, but whose contribution to Ukrainian culture is important (added in 2021).

Key factors for selecting winners include professional achievements, reputation, innovative artistic methods, as well as national or international recognition. The Expert Council and the Expert Jury include a gender-balanced set of experts in respective fields of art, representing governmental bodies as well as independent institutions.

Each category's winner is awarded a statuette called "Hands", created specially for the Women in Arts Award by artist Maria Kulikovska. The statuette features intertwined female hands which, according to the artist, symbolize support and protection, as well as cooperation between women which often remains unnoticed.

Winners of 2021
Women in Visual Arts: Alina Kleytman
Women in Music: Oksana Lyniv
Women in Theatre: Tamara Trunova
Women in Film: Iryna Tsilyk
Women in Literature: Sofia Andrukhovych
Women in Cultural Management: Yuliia Fediv
Women in Cultural Journalism, Criticism and Research: Vira Baldyniuk
Special Mention: Valeria Burlakova

Winners of 2020
Winners of 2020
Women in Visual Arts: Lada Nakonechna
Women in Music: Alyona Savranenko (alyona alyona)
Women in Film and Theatre: Nataliia Vorozhbyt
Women in Literature: Oksana Zabuzhko
Women in Cultural Management: Yulia Sinkevych
Women in Cultural Journalism, Criticism and Research: Daria Badyor

Winners of 2019
Winners of 2019
Women in Visual Arts: Vlada Ralko
Women in Music: Nina Garenetska
Women in Film and Theatre: Irma Vitovska-Vanza
Women in Literature: Kateryna Kalytko
Women in Cultural Management: Olesya Ostrovska-Lyuta

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