Ukrainian Institute has obtained membership in Europe Jazz Network 

Ukrainian Institute has obtained membership in the biggest network for jazz industry Europe Jazz Network.

Recent years have seen active cooperation of Ukrainian Institute with Europe jazz network through creating an Online jazz guide in the frame of Jazz Panorama project, creating an online map with a list of musicians from Ukraine  who are currently living abroad as well as participance in EJC – Europe Jazz Conference in 2022 and 2023.  

The team of Ukrainian institute is thankful to EJN family for the warm welcome! Looking forward for further cooperation and active participance in EJN initiatives and programs.  

The EJN network is now composed of 198 member organisations from 36 countries. 

The Europe Jazz Network (EJN) exists to support the identity and diversity of jazz in Europe and broaden awareness of this vital area of music as a cultural and educational force.  

Europe Jazz Network is a membership association of like-minded organisations who promote and produce concerts and festivals of jazz and related musics, plus national and regional umbrella organisations that are committed to supporting the development of jazz. 

Europe Jazz Network aims to: 

  • Develop the association as an international network of producers of live music. 
  • Encourage musical culture in general and jazz and improvised music in particular, and enable these musics to reach the widest possible public. 
  • Initiate and encourage the development of international exchanges, special projects and collaborations, between producers and artists both within and outside Europe. 
  • Encourage its members to programme European artists and their work.   

Members join Europe Jazz Network to: 

  • Co-operate with the other 100+ members. 
  • Collect and share information with other members and the wider jazz community. 
  • Establish models of good professional practice. 
  • Exchange and develop musical programmes and artistic ideas with other members. 
  • Invest and build resources for EJN members and the wider jazz sector. 
  • Advocate for jazz and cultural activity in Europe. 
  • Take part in European Union’s programmes. 
  • Support and encourage creativity. 

More on cooperation of Ukrainian Institute with Europe Jazz Network please read here.