Selected articles published in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

graphic by Hrag Vartanian/Hyperallergic

With Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian cultural institutions, artists, and scholars alike have called on the international community to revise their stance on Russia and its place in the Western academic and cultural discourses. Ukrainian intellectuals have repeatedly stressed the West’s uncritical treatment of Russian culture and soft power as one of the factors that enabled the ongoing war.


Gathered in this selection are recent works by Ukrainian and international authors—scholars, journalists, artists, curators, etc.—analysing the aspects of Russian history, culture, and foreign policy that have been largely overlooked or misinterpreted by Western experts. The texts touch on topics of Russian and Soviet colonialism and how Russian culture has been instrumentalised to serve the Kremlin’s revisionist and expansionist policies over the years.

Compiled by the Ukrainian Institute, this collection of articles is an attempt at decolonising our knowledge of Russia by prioritising voices of its former dominions traditionally underrepresented in the West.

Black Box East: Towards a Deconstruction of the “Former West” and “New East”. Mediapart. 11.11.2021  

Russian Cultural Elites Want to Call This Putin’s War. But They, Too, Bear Responsibility for the Atrocities in Ukraine. Artnet. Authors: Oleksandr Vynogradov, Lisa Korneichuk. 3.03.2022 

Roman Bondarchuk sends a message to the international community.  Cineuropa. 7.03.2022 

Ukraine Pavilion Curators’ Commitment to Exhibiting at the Venice Biennale in the Midst of War. Artsy. Author: Ayanna Dozier. 8.03.2022  

Ukrainian filmmaker Alina Gorlova sends an open letter addressing the Russian attack on Ukraine.  Cineuropa. 8.03.2022 

Why We Need a Post-Colonial Lens to Look at Ukraine and Russia. Hyperallergic. Author: Daria Badior. 9.03.2022  

Is Russian Culture as Powerful as Her Missiles? Yes, and Let’s Use It Against Putinism. e-flux journal. Author: Ekaterina Degot. 11.03.2022  

Seven Truths of Russian Neo-imperialism: Unceasing Expansion. Forum for Ukrainian Studies. Author: Ostap Kushnir. 11.03.2022 

Life during wartime. Chicago Reader. Author: Jamie Ludwig. 16.03.2022   

Why we as feminists must lobby for air defence for Ukraine. openDemocracy. Authors: Darya Tsymbalyuk, Iryna Zamuruieva. 16.03.2022 

“Slavic Studies” is a Cold War concept feeding whataboutism (video). Take on Ukraine. 17.03.2022 

Decolonization and the Power of Absence or Why All Russian Culture Is Totalitarian. LB. Author: Illia Levchenko. 17.03.2022 

The War of Words Between Between “Rashka” and Ukraine. The Nation. Author: Benjamin Moser. 17.03.2022 

Zeitgeist. Dostoevsky as a reason for war. Medium. Author: Ostap Ukrainets. 18.03.2022  

On Dialogue While Bombs Are Falling: PEN Ukraine Addresses the Global Intellectual Community. PEN Ukraine. 18.03.2022 

Good Russians and Where to Find Them. Korydor. Author: Oleksandr Holubov. 21.03.2022 

‘Cancel Russian culture’ as a Means of Survival. Krytyka. Author: Volodymyr Sheiko. 22.03.2022 

We are fighting for the right to have a future.  Olesya Khromeychuk. Author: Olesya Khromeychuk. 23.03.2022 

Ukrainian Producer Denis Ivanov Gives Interview From Kyiv, Slams Film Festival Response To Invasion: “Screening Russian Films Now Is Supporting Putin”. Deadline. Author: Tom Grater. 25.03.2022 

Landscape, Decolonial and Ukrainian Resistance.  Blok Magazine. Author: Kateryna Iakovlenko. 28.03.2022 

Russia’s War in Ukraine, Continued. Society for Cultural Anthropology. Authors: Nancy Ries, Catherine Wanner. 28.03.2022 

Not all criticism is Russophobic: on decolonial approach to Russian culture. Blok Magazine. Authors: Lia Dostlieva, Andrii Dostliev. 29.03.2022 

Decolonizing the Mysterious Soul of the Great Russian Novel. Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Author: Liubov Terekhova. 29.03.2022 

Is “Russian world” heresy or neo-nazism? Explained by Kostiantyn Doroshenko. Suspilne. 31.03.2022 

Cancel culture vs. execute culture. Eurozine. Author: Victoria Amelina. 31.03.2022  

ახალი ხორცი [Fresh Meat]. Wilson Center. Author: Andrei Babitsky. 31.03.2022  

The Case Against the Russian Federation. e-flux journal. Author: Oleksiy Radynski. March 2022 

Amplify Ukrainian Voices, not Russian. Krytyka. Author: Hanna Hrytsenko. March 2022  

What do Scholars of Russia owe Ukraine? NYU Jordan Center. Author: Susan Smith-Peter. 1.04.2022 

Do Ukrainians really want to cancel russia?. LB. Author: Olesya Ostrovska-Lyuta. 1.04.2022 

Fifty Shades of (Neo)Colonialism in Russian Filmmaking. Share The Truths. Author: Yulia Kovalenko. 11.04.2022 

The War in Ukraine is a Colonial War. The New Yorker. Author: Timothy Snyder. 28.04.2022 

Ethical Paradoxes of Russian Utopia in European Museums. Heinrich Böll Stiftung. Author: Maria Nazarenko. 2.05.2022  

The Elephant in the Room. Various Artists. Author: Kateryna Botanova. 16.05.2022 

The Fallacy of ‘Russian culture’ in Ukraine. Forum for Ukrainian Studies. Author: Hiroaki Kuromiya. 16.05.2022 

How Russian Cinema Dehumanized Ukrainians and Laid the Ground for Today’s War Crimes. Ukraine World. Illia Gladstein. 19.05.2022 

Decolonize Russia. The Atlantic. Author: Casey Michel. 27.05.2022 

No Milk, No Love. e-flux journal. Author: Asia Bazdyrieva. May 2022 

Decolonization and Disentanglement in Ukrainian Art. Post – notes on art in a global context – MoMA. Author: Svitlana Biedarieva. 2.06.2022 

Imperial myths and genocidal realities: 100 days of Putin’s Ukraine War. Atlantic Council. Author: Nestor Barchuk. 3.06.2022 

Is Russian Culture Beyond Politics? Desk Russie. Author: Daria Badior. 13.06.2022 

“Friendly Foes”: Art as a Soft Power of Russian/Soviet Colonialism. Share The Truths. Author: Illia Levchenko. 14.06.2022 

From Pushkin to Putin: Russian Literature’s Imperial Ideology. Foreign Policy. Author: Volodymyr Yermolenko. 25.06.2022 

Halting the wheel of history. Eurozine. Author: Alim Aliev. 4.07.2022 

Explaining the “Westsplainers”: Can a Western scholar be an authority on Central and Eastern Europe? Forum for Ukrainian Studies. Author: Aliaksei Kazharski. 19.07.2022  

Boycott. Trois cinéastes ukrainiens montent au front culturel. L’Humanité. Les auteurs: Michaël Mélinard, Sophie Joubert. 31.03.2022 

Teatr ukraiński, albo o dekonstrukcji rosyjskiej narracji. Didaskalia. Autorzy: Iryna Czużynowa, Marta Kacwin-Duman. czerwiecsierpień 2022 

Біла шкіра, чорна мова. Травматичний досвід колоніального упокорення. Збруч. Автор: Микола Рябчук. 11.01.2021 

Біле і чорне. Відповідь президента Українського ПЕН на лист Німецького ПЕН. PEN Ukraine. Автор: Андрій Курков. 8.03.2022   

Культура не винна? Український тиждень Автор: Онух. 15.03.2022  

Cancel Russia як інструмент самозбереження.  Лівий берег. Автор: Володимир Шейко. 18.03.2022 

Бути чи не бути? Чому українська культурна дипломатія дуже потребує «бустерної дози» у воєнний час. Новое время. Автор: Ілля Заболотний. 21.03.2022  

Деколонізація загадкової душі великого російського роману. Heinrich Böll Stiftung. Автор: Любов Терехова. 28.03.2022 

Низовий спротив: як українці в соцмережах скасовують солідарність російських митців. Лівий берег. Автор: Ната Другак. 30.03.2022 

Чи справді українці хочуть скасувати Росію? Лівий берег. Автор: Олеся Островська-Люта. 31.03.2022 

«Ця війна була неминуча»: російський колоніалізм та самообман Заходу. Український тиждень. Автор: Радомир Мокрик. 1.04.2022 

«Русскіє супрематисти пустилися берега». VoxUkraine. Автор: Юрій Городніченко, Данило Тавров. 4.04.2022 

«Україна як суб’єкт: пошук нової мови». Критика. Автор: Іван Козленко. Квітень 2022  

Про прекрасне і біфштекси у безхмарному небі. Критика. Автор: Олександр Клековкін. Квітень 2022  

Радянський гіпс & каррарський мармур («Дорогі товариші!»). Kino Teatr Magazine. Автор: Юлій Швець 

Ответ Арсению Жиляеву. В тумане истории. Status Research Platform. Автор: Владимир Грамович. 3.08.2022 

Льва Толстого — в дальний угол: нужна ли украинцам русская литература?. ZN. Автор: Анна Бродски-Кроткина. 19.06.2022