The Ukrainian Institute is launching a long-term program to support Ukrainian studies abroad
Support of Ukrainian studies projects in the world.
The program of support of Ukrainian studies named after I. Lysyak-Rudnytsky is called to support projects in educational, cultural and scientific institutions outside Ukraine. The projects must be implemented by November 30th this year.

The Ukrainian Institute is launching the first major program for academia — a long-term program to support Ukrainian studies named after I. Lysyak-Rudnytsky.

The program is designed to enhance the study and dissemination of knowledge about the past and present of Ukraine in order to acquire subjectivity in the international public field. Ukrainian studies also open up new opportunities for research on a wide range of scientific topics in the history and culture of Central and Eastern Europe.

"The task of the program is to strengthen the presence and interest to Ukraine in the international scientific community. For example, Russia has never stopped investing heavily in foreign studies of its history and culture. As a result, abroad the departments of Slavic studies, which include Ukrainian or Belarusian studies, are often called "Russian and East European Studies". — says Volodymyr Sheiko, Director General of the Ukrainian Institute. "For many foreign centers of Ukrainian studies, such a program is an encouraging and long-awaited sign, because for the first time in 29 years of independence, the Ukrainian state is beginning to systematically support this direction."

Only institutions registered abroad can apply for the program. The Ukrainian Institute welcomes partnerships between Ukrainian and foreign institutions, but as described earlier, only registered can apply. The expected cost of one project can be up to 10 thousand euros (or 300 thousand UAH). In 2020, the program has the following priority themes: historical figures and their legacy, monumental heritage and art of the Soviet period in Ukraine, crimes of totalitarian regimes in Ukraine in cultural field and memory studies, Ukrainian literature in exile, culture of the second half of the XX century. — the beginning of the XXI century in Ukraine, architecture and urban planning of the twentieth century — the beginning of the XXI century in Ukraine.

"At the Ukrainian Institute, we are guided by an integrated approach, so we have identified a list of cross-cutting themes of our work. In general, these are stories from the twentieth century, as the activity of the Ukrainian Institute is aimed at urgent culture. It should be emphasized that this list of topics is not exhaustive and we are ready to consider applications on other topics, because the main criteria in the selection of the project will be its quality,"— explains the manager of the academic department of the Ukrainian Institute Oleksandra Gaidai.

The program is named after a prominent American and Canadian historian of Ukrainian descent, Professor Ivan Lysyak-Rudnytsky, who has made a significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian studies abroad. As early as the 1950s, he argued for the limitations of the Russian-centric approach to the history of Eastern Europe that prevailed in North America. Emphasizing the multiethnicity of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, he singled out Ukrainian plots and the Ukrainian perspective on the events of the past.

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