A learning programme for performing arts professionals 

About the programme

PERSPECTIVE is a partnership programme between the Ukrainian Institute and proto produkciia agency for artists, cultural managers and other professionals involved in the performing arts production cycle based in Ukraine.   

The programme is designed to develop and enhance the performing arts professionals’ potential for international integration and strengthening the country’s cultural ecosystem. The programme follows the strategic priorities of the Ukrainian Institute. One of which is capacity building. 

Programme objectives

  • Establishing contacts and networking. Creating sustainable connections for cooperation and networking with professionals from other countries.  
  • Development and strengthening of professional skills. Capacity building. Learning about the experience of colleagues, models of functioning of theatres, festivals, teams, and co-productions.    
  • Learning and applying new approaches and innovations in the sector through reflection on international experience. Accumulation of information through accessible formats.  
  • Getting to know foreign cultural practices. Search for new ideas for creative products.


  • Exploring international experience through training trips, attendance of professional events, festivals, etc.  
  • International workshops with professional mentors covering the full production and creative cycles of performing arts at all stages   
  • Capturing learning and communication experiences in possible ways for further representation. Writing reviews, holding open meetings to share the experience gained during the training with a wider range of representatives of the performing arts sector in Ukraine. 

How to take part

Participation in the trips and workshops will be open to representatives of the performing arts sector from Ukraine, both through open calls and nominations from the Ukrainian Institute, proto produkciia, or partner organizations involved in the event.   

For questions and suggestions, please contact: [email protected]


2023 trip within the programme

Avignon Festival

Five Ukrainian theatre producers who continue their work in Ukraine attended the Avignon Festival, one of the world’s largest performing arts events in France. The programme of the week-long trip included attending performances, learning about the activities of local organizations, attending discussions and debates, and networking. 


  • Yaroslava Kravchenko
  • Veronika Sklyarova
  • Maksym Dobrolyubov 
  • Olga Dorofeeva
  • Volodymyr Burkovets

The curators of the study tour to Avignon are Olga Dyatel and Anastasia Haishenets.

“In order to start a long-term cooperation with such a complex and respected partner as the Avignon Festival, it is necessary to study and research its philosophy and ethics. That is why this year we decided to focus not on the representation of the final product, but on training Ukrainian theatre producers and strengthening their professional capacity for autonomous project cooperation with the festival”.

“The program of the trip included performances, meetings with organisations from the sphere of performative arts, which are actively incorporated into the festival’s life. I chose the performances of the main festival program in such a way that a group of producers could see the key productions of this festival season – that is, those presented at various festivals during the season. You may or may not like them, but they provide an overview of current topics and trends. Synchronisation with the international context was one of the trip’s priorities”.

The trip to Avignon Festival is organised in cooperation with La Manufacture collectif contemporain and ONDA. The trip was made possible thanks to the Culture Moves Europe and EU4Culture mobility programmes.

Impressions and thoughts of participants

“In Avignon, performances start on time, the numbering of seats is strange, and it was better not to wear an earring with Ukrainian flag. I will explain the last one. Our flag really triggers foreigners. It seems that Ukrainians for them are like a piece of meat stuck between their front teeth, which not only interferes, but also aesthetically spoils the picture. “The agenda of the festival for 2024 is democracy and environmental protection”, announced from the stage. No, not the threat of war in Central Europe, not the impact of 8 million immigrants from Eastern Europe. What should we do to be present at European festivals? Pack your messages to the world in ecological wrappers that decompose in 10 days and do not harm the environment. My gratitude to the organisers of the study trip knows no bounds: first of all, it is important to communicate with like-minded people about general perspectives of the theatre, and even more important to see examples of the theatre that will be in Ukraine. As a producer, I would love to make plays about “that girl” now that would be a continuation of our feminist focus but I will make plays about Ukrainians and for Ukrainians. However, we have to work on export plays in co-production with European colleagues because the image of “Ukraine that is suffering”, “Ukraine that is begging” must be eliminated both here and there”.

“Talking about Ukraine and representing it at such international events is critically important. The trip demonstrated what information Europeans can accept about us in order to get our points across. Ukraine actually disappeared from the French agenda because of the aggressive narratives, radical position. Therefore, it is difficult but necessary to think about other, softer approaches that will affirm our cultural and historical subjectivity, introduce us to intellectual heritage and modern art. Many thanks to Ukrainian Institute and ONDA, Olga Dyatel and Anastasia Haishenets and other organisations for such a fantastic opportunity. It will definitely change and enrich my further professional path both in Ukraine and in the field of cultural diplomacy”.

“For me, Avignon 2023, in addition to discovering new interesting names, is also an understanding of new directions and current topics of modern theatre. I once again realised the relevance of the theatre and its importance right now, during the war in our country, having the opportunity, thanks to the work of Ukrainian Institute, to establish processes that will help the full integration of Ukrainian theatre, its adaptation in the European environment. And for this, there is a good basis in our country – a galaxy of modern theatre managers I was lucky to meet at this year’s festival”.

We had meetings with representatives of the field, practising managers, producers and program directors from France. Thanks to this, I was able to better understand the economic basis of theatre activity. The festival itself becomes a huge marketplace for companies and producers. During this period program directors and curators create the repertoire for the next 2-3 years and look for the most interesting performances to invite”.

“Now Ukrainian theatre artists all over the world are creating projects to popularise Ukrainian culture and talk about what we care about through it. Along with it, an important task for theatre managers is to carefully study those tools and formats that can be used in different countries to effectively promote Ukrainian works and ideas that are important to us through them. Visiting such an event is a bunch of impressions, both emotional and purely artistic, which turn into practical experience, which allows you to make plans more confidently. Ukrainian performances are worthy of being presented at major theatre festivals, this is a process that has been going on for quite some time and nowadays it is gaining even greater importance and relevance”.

Про proto produkciia

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