Research on the perception of Ukraine abroad

A comprehensive project that, for the first time, explores the attitude and expectations of foreign audiences to Ukraine.

About this project

A comprehensive project that for the first time explored the attitude and expectations of foreign audiences in Germany, Poland, Hungary, France, Japan, Turkey, the USA, Great Britain towards Ukraine, their acquaintance with the modern culture and cultural heritage of Ukraine. The results of the research will help determine the most requested formats of cultural diplomacy projects at the bilateral level and develop work plans for the Ukrainian Institute and foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine in 2021-2024 more effectively.

The research was carried out by using the method of in-depth expert interviews with representatives of foreign institutions in the field of culture, education, science, civil society, as well as local and central authorities, the diplomatic corps, international organizations, foreign professional environment and Ukrainian diaspora.

The presentation and publication of the research took place during 2020-2022.