St. George’s Church
St. George’s Church
Zavorychi village, Kyiv region St. George’s Church

A single-domed wooden church built in 1873.

Zavorychi village, Kyiv region
Official status:
Just discovered as monument
Religious building
Date of destruction:

Before March 7, 2022. Photo: Wikimedia

Before March 7, 2022. Photo: Wikipedia

A single-domed wooden church dedicated to St. George was built in 1873 in the village of Zavorychi, Kyiv region/oblast. In 1935, the Soviet regime closed the church for worship and turned it into a granary.

In 1968, worship services were resumed, and the church was repainted, losing almost all of the original paintings. In 1998-2012, the church was restored, as well as the ancient frescoes depicting the Virgin and scenes with the salvation of St. Peter. St. George’s Church in the village of Zavorychi is an architectural monument and cultural heritage site.

After March 7, 2022. Photo: @MKIPUkraine

On March 7th, 2022, during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Russian occupiers destroyed the ancient St. George’s Church with artillery fire. As a result of the shelling, the church burned down. The fire emerged because of a direct hit, with eyewitnesses saying that the occupiers deliberately aimed one of the shells at the temple’s dome. The fence of the church was shot with a machine gun.

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