Church of the Ascension of the Lord

Church of the Ascension of the Lord
Lukianivka village, Kyiv region Church of the Ascension of the Lord

A rare monument of Ukrainian wooden architecture built in 1879.

Lukianivka village, Kyiv region
Official status:
Architectural Monument (newly discovered cultural heritage site)
Religious building
Date of destruction:

Until March 3, 2022. Photo:

It’s a rare and therefore a valuable monument of Ukrainian wooden architecture, built in 1879.  

The church with a spherical dome and a bell tower has seen a lot over the past 140 years. Despite the turbulent times, the Church of the Ascension endured the communist hatred of religion and survived World War II. 

Moreover, with the beginning of the German occupation in 1941, divine services resumed — previously being forbidden by the Soviet authorities since 1930. While after World War II, many other churches were used for household needs or were even demolished, service at the Church of the Ascension continued until the end of March, 2022. 

After March 3, 2022. Photo:

During the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine in 2022, Russian occupation troops destroyed the priceless architectural and religious monument entirely, by four tank shots during their retreat from the Kyiv region. Admirers of the ‘russkii mir’ (‘Russian world’) concept identifying themselves as advocates of the Orthodox Christian World, demolished the church that had survived communists and the Nazis. The dome with a cross and icons from the destroyed church were displayed at the exhibition ‘Ukraine. Crucifixion’ devoted to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Whatever stored the memories has now become a memory itself.

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