Kyiv television tower
Kyiv television tower
Kyiv city Kyiv television tower

It is the tallest construction in Ukraine and the second tallest tower in Europe.

Kyiv city
Official status:
Just discovered as monument
Public building
Date of destruction:
Missile attack

Before March 1, 2022. Photo: Wikipedia

Before March 1, 2022. Photo: Automandry

The Kyiv TV Tower was built in 1968-1973 to broadcast radio and television with signal coverage of almost 100 km from Kyiv. It is the tallest free-standing lattice structure in the world and the tallest construction in Ukraine, the second tallest tower in Europe and the eleventh in the world. It is included in the register of monuments of architecture and urban planning, and has the status of a cultural heritage site. The construction of the tower was carried out by a unique method of upbuilding “from top downward” without the use of cranes and helicopters.

On March 1st, 2022, the Russian occupiers carried out two targeted missile strikes at the construction of a TV tower located on the territory of the “Babyn Yar” Holocaust Memorial Center, in the immediate vicinity of the site of mass executions during World War II. The unique construction of the tower survived, but the hardware and transformer substation that supplies the TV tower was damaged. As a result of the shelling, 5 people were killed and 5 were injured.

After March 1, 2022. Photo: radiosvoboda

After March 1, 2022. Photo:

Also during the shelling of the Kyiv TV Tower, the building of the “Avangard” (Avantgarde) sports base, which was planned to establish the Holocaust Museum in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, and the former office of the Lukianivka Jewish Cemetery, a late 19th-century monument where the Memorial Museum in remembrance of the victims of Babyn Yar was planned, were damaged (both buildings are located on the territory of the Memorial Centre).

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