Theatre building “Kyiv Mala Opera”
Theatre building “Kyiv Mala Opera”
Kyiv city Theatre building “Kyiv Mala Opera”

Since 2006 Mala Opera is an art space.

Kyiv city
Official status:
Architectural Monument of local significance
Date of destruction:
Missile attack

Before March 15, 2022. Photo: IGOTOWORLD.COM

Before March 15, 2022. Photo:

The building of the current Mala Opera House was erected in 1902 upon the project of architect Mikhail Artynov. The facades of the building are stylized in the form of architecture of the 17th century, reminiscent of a fairy-tale tower. The building was built for the Lukianivka People’s House, it housed a free library, an outpatient clinic, and an educational centre. On the top floor, theatre hall for 550 seats was located. In 1910, the first cinema in Kyiv began operating there. After World War II and until the early 2000s, the building hosted the House of Culture of the Lukianivka Tram Depot (known as the “House of Tram Workers”).

In 2005, the Kyiv authorities decided to renovate the building, and to create the Kyiv Mala Opera in 2006. The premises were an art space with creative laboratories staffed by musicians, artists, photographers, and designers.

After March 15, 2022. Photo:

After March 15, 2022. Photo: Big Kyiv

On March 15th, 2022, the Russian army fired rockets at the historic Lukianivka part of Kyiv. The blast wave damaged the building of the Kyiv Mala Opera, which has the status of a historical and architectural monument of Kyiv. Almost all windows in the building were broken, double-glazed windows, entrance and interior doors, and facing plaster on the ceiling of the hall were damaged.

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